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    All auction proceeds and donations go directly to the Innocence Project, helping to change lives and build a more equitable justice system for everyone.

    Readers and writers have the power to imagine a better world and another ending for those who have been unjustly convicted. 

    ~ Stephanie Gayle, 2021-2022 President, Sisters in Crime

    We’ve partnered with the Innocence Project to raise $35,000 “to restore freedom for the innocent, transform the systems responsible for their unjust incarceration, and advance the innocence movement.” 

    As of January 2020, the Innocence Project has documented over 375 DNA exonerations in the United States. Twenty-one of these exonerees had previously been sentenced to death. 

    As crime fiction and nonfiction writers, we contemplate crimes and the criminal justice system. As readers, we experience the satisfaction of seeing a crime solved, and the guilty parties caught. However, real-world justice is rarely so simple. Too many innocent people are convicted and imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.

    Please join us in supporting the rights and freedoms that every person deserves.

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